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Autor/in: Jack Coulehan
Autor/in: Jack Coulehan

The Talking Cure

New and Selected Poems

In The Talking Cure, physician-poet Jack Coulehan provides new poems plus a selection of work from six other books. His work explores the mysterious tension between tenderness and steadiness in medical practice plumbing into life's essential minutiae: the observed moment, the healing gesture, the internal response. These poems look beyond the difficulties of physical existence to see the worth and holiness of the individual. With directness, passion and even humor, they evoke an ethic of compassionate solidarity between patient and doctor, person and family, the individual and the community.

Jack Coulehan's The Talking Cure takes us on a wild, wonderful and wide ranging journey, sweeping us along on a current of poems: accomplished, fierce, gentle, intelligent and, above all, compassionate. Coulehan writes about the joys of medicine, of family, of love and faith, while not ignoring the frustrations of caring deeply for others, how sometimes even the most compassionate must struggle to "squeeze a portion" of the heart, allowing "a few drops of compassion" to escape ("Lift Up Your Heart"). The author writes most often in the voice of a physician, but also in the voice of patients, revealing their terrors and ravages, fears often shared by the narrator as he deftly balances the clinical and the humane in poetry that is rich with images, deeply personal, and often simply beautiful.
-Cortney Davis, author of Taking Care of Time,

In The Talking Cure, distinguished physician and poet Jack Coulehan gathers thirty years of his work at the intersection of storytelling and healing. Here we encounter us all: a six-hundred pound man propped up in side-by-side hospital beds, a wife of a doctor turned by illness into patient herself, a man in the clinic of a local Starbucks becomes a woman, the absent fathers and distant mothers, each afflicted with the same need to be heard, and to be seen, in the miserable beauty of our shared human condition. We hear their heartbeats in this skilled poet's iambs and see their swollen legs in the full shapes of stanzas. Like Chekhov and Whitman, kindred spirits he evokes, in his every line Coulehan asks, "How can I open up, give voice // turn these words into flesh?" His answer is this unflinching, humane, and always attentively listening of poetry.
-Rafael Campo, author of Comfort Measures Only

Here in your hands is the best glimpse available into our world of medicine, its joys and sorrows, its discoveries and its mysteries. Here are poems that will stay with you, poems of courage, poems of value to you. Dr. Coulehan gives us the best words in the best order. You can't do better than that.
-Michael A. LaCombe, MD, MACP, FRCP (London), LHD (hon.); Poetry Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine

Jack Coulehan, the author of this remarkable collection, once wrote that physicians need both steadiness and tenderness to practice their trade. I would add, as do poets. Each poem in The Talking Cure brings a disarmingly honest and steadfast gaze to the joys and sorrows of the human condition, filtered through profound observations about doctors and patients, people and places. Simultaneously, each piece is suffused with a fierce compassion that acknowledges human vulnerability and finitude, while celebrating our resilience and indomitable spirit. These poems will inspire and uplift you, even as they break your heart.
-Johanna Shapiro, PhD. Director, Program in Medical Humanities & Arts, UCI School of Medicine

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Jack Coulehan is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine, and former director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University. His work in the medical literature ranges from clinical trials of depression treatment in primary care and studies of heart disease among Navajo Indians to essays on medical ethics, education, and humanities. His award-winning textbook, The Medical Interview: Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice (F. A. Davis, 5th edition, 2006) is widely used in American medical schools.
Jack's poems have appeared in literary magazines and medical journals in the United States, England, Ireland, Canada, and Australia; and his work is frequently anthologized. He is the author of six collections of poetry, including The Wound Dresser (JB Stillwater, 2016), which was a finalist for the 2016 Dorset Poetry Prize. Jack co-edited Blood & Bone and Primary Care: More Poems by Physicians (University of Iowa Press, 1998 and 2006) and edited Chekhov's Doctors, a collection of Anton Chekhov's medical tales (Kent State University Press, 2003). He previously published Bursting with Danger and Music with Plain View Press (2012).
Among Jack's honors are the Humanities Award of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the Nicholas Davies Scholar Award of the American College of Physicians for "outstanding lifetime contributions to humanism in medicine." Jack currently serves as president of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association.


from The Knitted Glove (1991)
Anatomy Lesson
The Knitted Glove
Lake Effect
Banana Bread
Good News

from First Photographs Of Heaven (1994)
"Spaceship Takes Photographs of Heaven"
The Man with a Hole in His Face
The Act of Love28
McGonigle's Foot
The Rule of Thirds
My Father Sends Me Out for Tobacco
The Dust of the West
St. Ronan's Finger
My Uganda
Lima Bean

from The Heavenly Ladder (2001)
The Window of My Discontent
D-Day, 1994
Soundings: Three for the Stethoscope
The Doctor's Wife
Natural History
Icon of the Heavenly Ladder
To the Mummy of a Thief in the Crypt of St. Michan's Church, Dublin
Keeping Dry
These Shards Are Wrist Bones
Don't Be Afraid, Gringo

from Medicine Stone (2002)
Lachrymae Rerum
I'm Gonna Slap Those Doctors
The Six Hundred Pound Man
The Man with Stars Inside Him
Brain Fever
The Pounds of Flesh
Death House
Work Rounds: On Lines by Tomas Transtromer
Medicine Stone
My Machine
The Shoe
Reverence for Life
Sir William Osler Remembers His Call on Walt Whitman
Chrysler for Sale

from Bursting with Danger and Music (2012)
Bursting with Danger and Music
Sewage Treatment
Deep Structures
from The Internship Sonnets
That Intern Dream
Virginia Ham
All Souls' Day
Darkness Is Gathering Me
Detached Concern
Cosmic Sonnets
Midnight Romance
He Lectures on Grace
He Lectures at the Heritage Association Dinner
William Carlos Williams Circumcises Ernest Hemingway's First Son
Delicate Procedures
Do No Harm
A Theory of Labor

from The Wound Dresser (2016)
On Reading Walt Whitman's "The Wound Dresser"
The Secret of the Care
Take Off Your Clothes
Anita and Vladimir
The Silk Robe
Corrigan and the Giant
The Exterior Palace
Metamorphosis at Starbucks
Lift Up Your Heart
Ralph Angelo Attends the Barbeque
Ockham's Razor
Poem for David
War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City
Cesium 137
Burial Rite
Sacrament of the Sick
Shall Inherit
At the Egyptian Market in Istanbul
"Pair Chase Boy for His Urine"
Montazah Gardens, Alexandria
Night Vision
Phone Call from Alaska
Dr. Barrone
The Biopsy Room: Prostate
Incomplete Knowledge

So Many Remedies: A Selection of Chekhov Poems
Chekhov Attends the Greek School
The Student
Chekhov Reflects on Nikolai's Death from Consumption
Chekhov Searches for Happiness
Six Prescriptions of Chekhov
On Sakhalin Island
Empty Soup
The Hypnotist
Chekhov Makes Love at a Distance
The Cherry Orchard
For Oysters Only

Previously Uncollected Poems
The Elephant with a Cork in Its Butt
Death Benefits
Pantoum on Sayings of William Osler
Mother and Child, 1943
Home Repairs
On Ice
After a Photograph of Anne Holding Her Morning Cup of Coffee
Used Golf Balls
Theories of the Soul

The Talking Cure: New Poems
Three Points of Reference
The Talking Cure
The Egyptian Goddess
Prison Break
Shadow Children
Cultural Exchange
Guardian Angel
Burial Mounds
Darwin's Prayer
Garden of Endurance
The Hippos of Camden, New Jersey
The War of All Against All
The Conference of Germs
The Persistence of Metaphor
Ghazal: Embodied
The Old Dilemma
In Praise of Virtue
Banana Harvest
The Violin
Knik Glacier
Regarding Kindness

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