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Autor/in: Micaiah Johnson
Autor/in: Micaiah Johnson

The Space Between Worlds

A thrilling, high-concept sci-fi novel, with heart, intelligence and insight, exploring social issues such as race, poverty, sexuality, and the variable circumstances that leads someone to thrive in one reality and perish in another,

We struggled publishing this in hardback during lockdown, and we would really like to make Waterstones our focus for the paperback and actively engage booksellers early on to ensure enthusiasm and support, With a new refreshed cover look for the paperback, we plan to run ebook activity ahead of the paperback publication to raise the profile and visibility of this title within the SFF community,

Trade Marketing:
Featured in the Hodder catalogue,
Bespoke Sales Board produced for key retailer meetings,
Submit to relevant Bookseller category spotlights to maximise industry awareness,
Promote across Hodderesque, our dedicated channel for Waterstones booksellers, to encourage bookseller enthusiasm and champions for the book,
Send bookseller champions of SFF titles an early copy along with a letter from the Hodderscape team demonstrating our love and excitement for this book,

Consumer Marketing:
Paperback cover reveal across Hodderscape channels, positioning this more clearly as a high-concept sci-fi thriller, such as Mad Max meets Dark Matter,
Partner with Illumicrate to share photography of paperback copies and pitch for an online event with Micaiah,
A schedule of engaging online content to run from Hodderscape to drive pre-orders and help bring the book to life, such as posting a 'fake' job advert on Hodderscape asking people to apply to travel the multiverse, The one hitch - they need to have died in a parallel universe,
Re-surface early extract featured on Hodderscape with a link to pre-order,
Reminder sent to NetGalley to transfer reviews over ahead of paperback publication - we already have over 900 reviews on Amazon with a 4,4 star rating!
Update Amazon A+ Page with arresting images to tie in with new cover look, and help bring the book to life with a short author Q&ampA on the page,
Pitch for price promotions on the ebook (e,g, Kindle Monthly Deal), supported with Bookbub and digital advertising, to ensure visibility ahead of paperback publication,

A key title for Hodderscape, with website, social media and newsletter activity,
Striking photography of finished copies shared across Hodderscape's highly engaged Instagram account,
Digital advertising campaign using Facebook, Instagram and Amazon advertising targeting the SFF community,
Sharing quotes, audio extracts and early reviews across Hodderscape,
Continue to post on Hodderesque to ensure booksellers' enthusiasm,
Share agile content around reviews and reader reactions,
Supporting and amplifying publicity, providing material as required and sharing review coverage online,
Promote price-reductions when price is dropped by retailers (e,g, with Kindle Daily Deals),
Continue to share our plans and assets with the International Teams, especially ANZ,

Taschenbuch 10/2021
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Micaiah Johnson is a biracial author who was raised in a Jehovah's Witness community in the Southern California desert, She graduated high school at the age of 13, received her MFA from Rutgers-Camden, and is currently studying race and robots as a PhD candidate at Vanderbilt, She is on twitter at @micaiah_johnson,


EAN / 13-stellige ISBN 978-1529387117
10-stellige ISBN 1529387116
Verlag Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.
Sprache Englisch
Editionsform Taschenbuch
Einbandart Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsdatum 1. Oktober 2021
Seitenzahl 336
Warengruppe des Lieferanten Belletristik - Science Fiction, Fantasy
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Belletristik - Science Fiction, Fantasy

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