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The Charles F. Haanel Anthology I. Including

The Mastey Key System AND The New Psychology

The Charles F. Haanel Anthology I.  Including: The Mastey Key System AND The New Psychology

Charles F. Haanel was a successful business man who discovered that

spiritual life is a key to success in everything you do. He proved that

what is happening outside is in a direct relation to what is taking place

in your consciousness. When the Master Key was published, it was one of

those books that successful business men wanted out of the market. They

didn't want people to read this book as its truths would help anyone to

overcome limitations. He explains in very plain language how to create your

own world according to your own desires in accordance with your level of

discipline in attaining your goals. The rumor is that when Bill Gates was

just a student, he read this book and utilized its truths. Rest is history.

The Mastey Key System

Every thing and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had

first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought, therefore, is

constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating

through its creature man. "The Master Key" instructs the reader how to use

that power, and use it both constructively and creatively. The things and

conditions we desire to become realities we must first create in thought.

"The Master Key" explains and guides the process.

"The Master Key" teaching has hitherto been published in the form of a

Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for

24 weeks. The reader, who now receives the whole 24 parts at one time, is

warned not to attempt to read the book like a novel, but to treat it as a

course of study and conscientiously to imbibe the meaning of each part -

reading and re-reading one part only per week before proceeding to the

next. Otherwise, the later parts will tend to be misunderstood and the

reader's time and money will be wasted.

Used as thus instructed, "The Master Key" will make of the reader a

greater, better personality, and equipped with a new power to achieve any

worthy personal purpose and a new ability to enjoy life's beauty and


The New Psychology

Book Description

The New Psychology with a synthesis of philosophy, science, metaphysics,

and religion-defines man's place in the universe and reveals his latent

powers with a vividness that reminds the reader of a lightening flash.
Man is the architect of his own fortune. He can make or unmake himself. He

can be weak or strong, rich or poor, according to the way he manipulates

his consciousness and develops his inherent ability. This requires will

power, determination, and self-improvement through work, activity, and

study. He must learn to clothe his mind with beautiful garments of strength

and power. He must be willing to spend as much money, time, and patience to

bring about this mental garment as he would in clothing his body,

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EAN / 13-stellige ISBN 978-9562914161
10-stellige ISBN 956291416X
Sprache Englisch
Editionsform Taschenbuch
Einbandart Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsdatum 19. April 2007
Seitenzahl 400
Beilage Paperback
Format (L×B×H) 24,6cm × 18,9cm × 2,1cm
Gewicht 771g
Warengruppe des Lieferanten Sachbücher, Ratgeber - Ratgeber
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