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Mistakes, Errors and Failures across Cultures

Navigating Potentials

This volume provides comprehensible, strength-based perspectives on contemporary research and practice related to navigating mistakes, errors and failures across cultures. It addresses these concepts across cultural contexts and explores any or all of these three concepts from a positive psychology or positive organisational perspective, highlighting their potential as resources. The volume further discusses the consequences of errors and failures at individual, organisational and societal levels, ranging from severe personal problems to organisational and collective crises, perspectives how those can be turned into opportunities for contingent and sustainable improvement processes. The book shows that there are significant cultural differences in the understanding, interpretation and handling of errors and failures.

This volume provides practical guidance for transcultural understanding of mistakes, errors and failure through new models, ideas for self-reflection, therapeutic and counselling interventions and organisational change management processes.

This book is a must for researchers and practitioners working on mistakes, errors and failures across cultures and disciplines!

Gebunden 03/2020
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Elisabeth Vanderheiden is Managing Director of the Catholic Adult Education, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and the federal chairwoman of Catholic Adult Education, Germany. She has published articles and books in the context of vocational qualifications, in particular qualification of teachers and trainers, as well as current topics of general, vocational and civic education and intercultural opening processes.

Claude-Hélène Mayer is a Full Professor in Industrial Psychology at the University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, an Adjunct Professor at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany and Senior Research Associate at Rhodes University, South Africa. She is the author and editor of many journal articles, special issues, text collections, book chapters and books on women leadership in diverse contexts, mental health and salutogenesis in cultural contexts, transcultural conflict management and mediation and shame.


Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Editors and Contributors.- Chapter 1. An Introduction (Elisabeth Vanderheiden and Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Part I: Individual and Cultural Perspectives on Mistakes, Errors and Failure.- Chapter 2. Life Crisis and Alleged or Actual Failure as a Resource (Elisabeth Vanderheiden).- Chapter 3. Communication about Communication in Love Letters: Addressing and Avoiding Failures, Mistakes, and Errors in Written Communication (Paul C. Rosenblatt).- Chapter 4. Steely Dan's Donald Fagen: A Case of Mistaken Self-identity, Corrected by Self-reformulation (James L. Kelley).- Part II: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Society.- Chapter 5. Mistakes, Errors and Failures in the Cultural Context of Aging (Sofia von Humboldt).- Chapter 6. Doing the Unconventional, Doing 'Dirty' Work: The Stigmatization of Sexuality Work and Unforeseen Encounters with Love (Aliraza Javaid).- Chapter 7. Qualities of Communication Failures in Hierarchical Relationships - a Theoretical Model for Conflict Prevention (Maike Baumann).- Chapter 8. On Being "Outside the Box" or Being "Inside": Intercultural Communication, Relationship-building and Identity Ascription Failures (Claude-Hélène Mayer and Lolo Jacques Mayer).- Chapter 9. Mistakes and Demise: Mikhail Gorbachev and The Dissolution Of The Soviet Union (Klas-Göran Karlsson and Bo Petersson).- Part III: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Organisations.- Chapter 10. Practical Examples of Handling Mistakes at Work in Different Cultures (Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza).- Chapter 11. Work Conflict and the Experience of Failure in Organisations: Ethnographic and Systems Psychodynamic Perspectives (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Chapter 12. Resilience to Emotional Distress in Response to Failure, Error or Mistakes: A Positive Psychology Review (Rudolf M Oosthuizen).- Chapter 13. Errors and Failures in European Banking: A Cultural Perspective (Alessandro Carretta, Paola Schwizer and Lucrezia Fattobene).- Chapter 14. Turning Bicultural Critical Incidents into Inclusive Bicultural Identities and Organizations in U.S. Subsidiaries in Japan (Clifford H. Clarke and Naomi Takashiro).- Chapter 15. Error-Culture in Values-Based Organizations - a Christian Perspective (Elmar Nass).- Chapter 16. Institutional Moral Failure: Emotional Intelligence & Practical Reason Serving Justice (Thomas Ryan).- Chapter 17. Against Forgetting Serious Mistakes, Errors and Failures - The Long Learning Process of the Catholic Church in Germany in Dealing with Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults (Mary Hallay-Witte and Bettina Janssen).- Part IV: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Education.- Chapter 18. Failures, Errors and Mistakes: A Systematic Review of the Literature (Amber Simpson, Adam V. Maltese, Alice Anderson and Euisuk Sung).- Chapter 19. Low Socioeconomic Status Students Turn their Academic Failure to Success: A Synthesis of Qualitative Research (Naomi Takashiro and Clifford Clarke).- Chapter 20. Errors and Mistakes in Foreign Language Learning: Drawing Boundaries from the Discourse of Argentine Teachers (Thalita Camargo Angelucci and María Isabel Pozzo).- Part V: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Psychology, Therapy and Counselling.- Chapter 21. Psychodynamic Therapy a Cross-cultural and Generational Failure (Kathryn Nel and Saraswathie Govender).- Chapter 22. Transcultural Sensitivity - A Way to Prevent Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Psychotherapeutic and Psychiatric Treatment of Migrants (Christine Bales, Josua Leibrich, Katja Brinkmann, Ibrahim Özkan, Umut Altunoz, Janina Wesolowski and Maria Belz).- Chapter 23. The Success and Failures of an Extraordinary Leader: Michael Jackson's Life and the Trickster Archetype Revisited in Psychobiography (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Chapter 24. The Cognitive Bias in Cross-Cultural Design (Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Zhi Guo, Qie Nan, Xin Lei and Andong Zhang).- Part VI: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Law, Justice and Crime.- Chapter 25. Errors and Failures in Forensic Practice (Wayne Petherick).- Chapter 26. Failures in Wildlife Crime Eradication and Strategies Forward (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Part VII: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Medicine.- Chapter 27. Safety 3.0 and the End of the Superstar Clinician (Chris P. Subbe and Paul Barach).- Chapter 28. Empowerment in Medical Care Through Error Management and Error Management Culture (Jan S. Brommundt).- Chapter 29. Empowerment in Medical Care Through Error Management and Error Management Culture (Florian Fischer, Franziska Carow und Hannah Eger).- Part VIII: Mistakes, Errors and Failure in Traffic and Aviation.- Chapter 30. Mistakes, Errors and Failures - Their Hidden Potential in Cultural Contexts: The Power of a Professional Culture (Jaco van der Westhuizen, Matita Tshabalala and Karel Stanz).- Chapter 31. Communication in Aviation and Beyond Leader Inquiry as a Method for Open Error Communication in Aviation and Beyond (Jan U. Hagen).- Chapter 32. Cultural Differences Induced Mistakes in Driving Behaviour: An Opportunity to Improve Traffic Policy and Infrastructure (Václav Linkov and Petr Zámecník).- Epilogue: Errors, Mistakes and Failures in Anticipation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


EAN / 13-stellige ISBN 978-3030355739
10-stellige ISBN 303035573X
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1. Auflage im Jahr 2020
Anmerkungen zur Auflage 1st ed. 2020
Editionsform Hardcover / Softcover / Karten
Einbandart Gebunden
Erscheinungsdatum 15. März 2020
Seitenzahl 648
Beilage HC runder Rücken kaschiert
Format (L×B×H) 24,1cm × 16,0cm × 4,0cm
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Warengruppe des Lieferanten Geisteswissenschaften - Psychologie
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