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Home Automation Made Easy

Do It Yourself Know How Using UPB, Insteon, X10 and Z-Wave

Absolutely no experience needed!

Make your home smarter, safer, and more fun-and save money, too!

Home automation is finally practical, useful, and easy! Now, you can control your home exactly the way you want to, without paying monthly fees. This book shows how to do it all yourself, with today's simpler, more reliable, less expensive technologies.

Dennis C. Brewer first makes sure you're comfortable with wiring basics and safety, and then guides you through installing, setting up, and using today's best home automation software. Next, he walks you through several great DIY projects you can complete in just hours.

Before you know it, you'll be controlling appliances, lighting, devices, home security, energy consumption, heating/cooling, and even your home entertainment center. Brewer covers phone interfaces, opportunities to expand, and even offerings from your phone and Internet service providers. When it comes to home automation, the future is here-and it works!

· Pick the right products and services, without overspending

· Control your home from anywhere, with Android, iPhone, iPad, or your computer

· Go green, save energy, all year long

· Make your home safer, more secure, and more comfortable

· Overcome personal mobility challenges

· Get more fun out of your TV and music system

E-Book 11/2013
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Dennis C. Brewer is a technology enthusiast who has been associated with electrical and electronic projects since attending Washington Middle School in Calumet, Michigan.

His early technology experience included testing for and receiving an FCC commercial radio broadcast engineer license that allowed him to become a solo station operator announcer/engineer for WMPL AM/FM radio in Hancock, Michigan,. and finished service as a Chief Petty Officer Interior Communications Electrician to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

Dennis attended Michigan Technological University (MTU) and served simultaneous membership in the Michigan Army National Guard as a communication Sergeant First Class and a Cadet in the Michigan Technological University Army ROTC program. Upon graduation he was commissioned and a first Lieutenant, Combat Engineer Branch US Army Reserve.

Mr. Brewer's employment in government service included the State of Michigan as a computer technology specialist with assignments in the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Department of Management and Budget, and Department of Information Technology. During his 12-year career in State of Michigan Government as a Novell (CNE) certified network engineer and information technology specialist, his experience included hands-on hardware, administration, network management and troubleshooting, consulting and planning services for state agencies, establishment of enterprise-level standards and procedures implementation, data security, and identity management. After retiring from state government, Dennis continued to pursue his interests in technology as an author and independent consultant.

Published books by Dennis C. Brewer include:

Build Your Own Free-to-Air (FTA) Satellite TV System, by Dennis C. Brewer (McGraw-Hill: Nov 8, 2011)

Wiring Your Digital Home For Dummies, by Dennis C. Brewer and Paul A. Brewer (For Dummies/Wiley: Oct 9, 2006)

Security Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance: Authorization, Authentication, and Access, by Dennis C. Brewer (Wiley: Oct 21, 2005)

Picture Yourself Networking Your Home or Small Office, by Dennis C. Brewer (Course Technology PTR: Dec 2, 2008)

Green My Home!: 10 Steps to Lowering Energy Costs and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, by Dennis C. Brewer (Kaplan Publishing: Oct 7, 2008)

His magazine writing credits include topics on disaster recovery, defining adequate security controls, free satellite TV, and Sarbane s-Oxley controls.

For more information about this author and his current technology and writing projects, visit http://www.DennisCBrewer.info.


Introduction 1

Value Proposition of a Central Home Automation Platform 2

Solving Place and Time Problems 2

Maximizing Convenience 2

The "Wow!" Factor 2

Neutralize Physical Challenges 2

Going GREEN (Getting to Reduced Energy Expenditure Now) 3

Safety and Security 3

How This Book Brings Automation to Your Home 3

Free HAL Software Download 4

About HALBasic 4

Chapter 1 Home Wiring and Electrical Fundamentals 7

Safety Tips 7

Terms to Know and Understand 10

DC (Direct Current) 11

AC (Alternating Current) 11

Single-Phase AC Circuits 12

Three-Phase AC Circuits 12

Transformer Connections 13

Delta-Connected Three-Phase Transformers 14

Wye-Connected Three-Phase Transformers 14

Ohm's Law and the Power Formula 15

Voltage (E) 16

Resistance (R) 16

Amperage (I) 16

Watts (P) 16

Watt Hours (kWh) 16

Power Distribution Transformers 17

Inverters 18

Converters 19

Household Electrical Power 19

Household AC Wiring and Devices 19

Hot Wire 20

Neutral Wire 20

Ground/Bonding Wire 20

Phone 24

Cable TV/Satellite 25

Microphones 25

Thermostats 25

Common Legacy Electric Controls 25

Switches 25

Dimmers and Dimmer Switches 29

Timers 29

Clock Timers 29

Motion Sensor Switches 30

Heat Sensor Switches 30

Alternative and Backup Power Sources 30

Battery Backup Power Supplies 30

Backup Generators 30

Definitive Information Source-NEC 30

Schematic Diagrams 31

Chapter 2 Using a Windows Computer as Your Home Automation Platform 33

Details and Choices 34

First Choice: Shared, Dedicated, or Networked? 35

Shared Computer Option 35

Dedicated Computer Option 35

Networked Computer Option 36

Second Choice: Buy Preconfigured or Build Your Own 36

Purchase a Preconfigured Home Automation PC 37

Have a Home Automation System Professionally Installed 37

Purchase a New or Used PC 37

Most Important Characteristics for Your Home Automation Platform 38

Computer Case 38

Computer Operating System 38

Processor (CPU) 39

Memory 40

Storage Drive(s) 41

I/O Ports 41

Optical Drive 41

Video Card 41

Ethernet Port 42

Monitor 42

Sound Card 42

Additional Hardware 43

Planning the Computer's Installation Location 43

Book Prototype Computer 43

Setting up Your Computer 45

Updating the Operating System Software 45

Updating the Security Software 51

Creating Recovery Media and Diagnostics 56

Surge Protection and Battery Backup 56

Chapter 3 Introduction to Control Protocols and Automation Process 59

Control Methods 59

Reasons for Using Automated Control 60

Time Based 60

Need Based 60

Event Based 61

Communication Based 61

Protocols and Standards 61

Physical-Layer Communication 62

Imposing Messages on the Physical Media 63

Automation Processes are Trigged by an Event 67

Process Actions 67

Chapter 4 Project 1, Installing HALbasic Software on Your PC 69

Starting Point 70

Security Software 70

Beginning the HALbasic Install 71

Modify OS Security Setting 72

HALbasic Installation Steps 75

Activation 82

Register with HAL 86

Exploring HALbasic 86

Chapter 5 Project 2, Controlling Appliances, Lights, and Devices 89

Connecting the Hardware 89

Connecting the Control Adapter to the PC 90

Setting up the Control Modules 93

Setting up Plug-in Control Modules 95

Setting up Hard-wired Outlet Control Modules 98

Configuring Control Modules Identities in HALbasic 100

Control-Time-Based Routines 115

Control-Voice Commands 122

Chapter 6 Project 3, Controlling Lighting: Indoors and Outdoors 127

Switching for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Circuits 128

Existing Multilocation Switching 129

Deciphering Existing Home Wiring 131

Lighting Fixture Switched from a Single Location 131

Lighting Fixture Switched from Two Locations 132

Lighting Fixture Switched from Three Locations 133

Lighting Fixture Switched from Four or More Locations 134

Existing Home Wiring Adapted for UPB Controls 135

Single-Location UPB-Controlled Lighting Fixture 135

Two-Location UPB-Controlled Lighting Fixture 138

Three-Location UPB-Controlled Lighting Fixture 139

Making the Wiring Connections 143

Connecting the UPB Control Adapter to the PC 145

Setting up the UPB Control Modules 147

Configuring Control Modules' Identities in HALbasic 148

The Remote Wall Switches 156

Chapter 7 Project 4, Linking Video to Your Security System 157

Linking in HAL Video Capture Features 158

Surveillance Camera Selection 159

USB Cameras 159

Internet Protocol Security Cameras 160

Deciding How Many Cameras Are Needed 162

Installing and Locating the Cameras 162

The One-Web-Camera (USB) Solution 162

USB Camera Installation 163

The Multiple-Camera Solution 163

IP Ethernet Camera Installation 164

Assigning IP Addresses for Cameras on Your Network 171

Registering the Cameras in HALdvc Setup 173

Setting Up Camera Security Actions with HALultra 178

Chapter 8 Project 5, Upgrading the Home Automation Platform to HALultra 183

Upgrading to HALultra 184

Administrative Steps 184

Back Up HALbasic 184

Installing 186

Activating 187

Testing 187

Explore New Features 189

Chapter 9 Project 6, Installing a Home Automation Voice Portal Modem in Your Computer 191

Installing the Voice Portal Modem 193

Connecting the Voice Portal in the Operating System 197

Voice Portal Installation with the HAL Setup Wizard 199

Chapter 10 Project 7, Getting Green and Managing Your Home's Climate 207

Getting Green 207

Managing Temperature and Energy Consumption 207

Heating and Cooling System Links 208

On/Off Devices 208

Thermostats 208

Deploying Gauges, "Triggers," and Sensors 209

Using Time-Based Heating/Cooling Control 209

Installing a HALultra-Compatible Thermostat 210

Installing an In-line Fan/Light Control 216

Setting up the Interface in HALultra 218

Chapter 11 Project 8, Adding New Controllers and Interfaces: Z-Wave, INSTEON, and More 225

Additional Interfaces for HALultra 225

ZigBee 225

Infrared 226

HVAC 227

Security 228

Input/Output 229


Z-Wave 229

Setting up a Z-Wave Network 232

Using a Laptop with the Leviton RF Installer Tool 233

Chapter 12 Project 9, Automating the Home Entertainment Center's Music Management 241

The Changing Landscape of Home Electronics 241

Select Sound Reproduction Equipment 242

Digital Sound Reproduction Quality 242

Digital Music File Formats 243

Download and Install HALdmc 246

Setting Up HALdmc 246

Using HALdmc 250

Using Voice Commands with the Digital Music Center 254

Chapter 13 Project 10, Connecting and Using the Home Automation Platform over the Internet 257

Preparing the Internet/Intranet Connection for HALultra 257

Internet Service 258

Setup and Tweaks on the Modem-Router-Firewall-Switch 258

Setting up the HomeNet Server 259

Enabling the HomeNet Web Server 259

Logging In to HomeNet 262

Using HAL on the Internet 262

Collecting Internet Data 262

Viewing Internet Data Collected by HAL 268

Controlling HAL over the Web 270

Chapter 14 Controlling Your Home with iOS and Android 273

Interactive Device Server Applications 273

Apple App 274

Android App 274

Using Smart Phones and Tablets to Control HAL 274

Enabling the "Interactive Device Server" 274

Using HALids with iOS 275

Using HALids with Android 281

Checking the IDS Log 285

Chapter 15 Evaluating Broadband and Telecom Home Automation Offerings 287

Selection Criteria for Monitoring and Managed Service Providers 288

Market Service Area 288

Proprietary Technology 288

PC or Controller Based 289

Initial Installation Cost 289

Cost Model 1 290

Cost Model 2 290

Cost Model 3 290

Cost Model 4 290

Monthly Service Fees 291

Commitment Term 291

Level of Ongoing Service Support 291

Installer Competence and Tech Support Quality 291

Monitoring/Management Center Location 292

What Is Being Monitored? 292

What Is Being Managed Versus Offered? 293

Miscellaneous Concerns 294

Expected Future Offerings 294

Mainstream Companies with HA and Monitoring Systems or Services 294

Chapter 16 Adding Future Self-Designed Home Automation Projects 297

Design Steps 297

Popular Home Automation System Add-ons 299

Growing Your Automation System with Additional UPB Devices 299

Expanding the Reach of Your Control with INSTEON Controls and Kits 300

Enlarging the Control Zone with Additional Z-Wave Devices 301

Remoting with IR 302

Improving Security Reactions with Interfaces to Home Automation 302

Setup Correlations 302

Summation 303

TOC, 9780789751249, 10/11/2013


EAN / 13-stellige ISBN 978-0133408430
10-stellige ISBN 0133408434
Verlag Pearson ITP
Imprint Que Publishing
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1. Auflage im Jahr 2013
Anmerkungen zur Auflage 1. Auflage
Editionsform Non Books / PBS
Einbandart E-Book
Typ des digitalen Artikels PDF
Copyright PDF Watermark
Erscheinungsdatum 8. November 2013
Seitenzahl 336
Beilage Electronic book text
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