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Calcified Tissues 1965

Proceedings of the Third European Symposium on Calcified Tissues

The papers collected in this volume represent the formal proceedings of the Third European Symposium on Calcified Tissues which was held in Davos, Switzerland from 11th to 16th April 1965 under the sponsorship of the Laboratorium fur experi­ mentelle Chirurgie, Schweizerisches Forschungsinstitut Davos. This Symposium fol­ lowed the now established tradition of the previous Symposia held in Oxford in 1963 and in Liege in 1964. Participation was again strictly on a residential hasis. This year the Schatzalp Hotel provided a scenic and secluded meeting place high on a mountain side overlooking Davos yet close to the Forschungsinstitut in which the opening session of the Symposium was held. The papers and communications published in the volume are arranged in order of presentation and are grouped under the five main themes selected for discussion by the Symposium, namely, "Cell function in the formation, maintenance and destruc­ tion of osseous tissue", "Response of calcified tissues to mechanical factors", "Mecha­ nisms of mineralization and diseases related to mineral deposition", "Hormones and bone" and "Fundamental structure of dental hard tissues". The programme consisted of a number of review lectures given by invited speakers and of short communications in relation to each of the above themes. No attempt was made to record the dis­ cussions to the papers as, being a residential meeting, the more valuable and interest­ ing interchanges took place informally in small discussion groups and not within the time schedule of the prearranged programme.

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Session ICell Function in the Formation, Maintenance and Destruction of Osseous TissueChairmen: P. Gaillard, I. MacIntyre, H. J. Dulce, A. B. Borle.- The Two Faces of Resorption.- Some Remarks and Questions on Metabolic Patterns in the Family of Bone Cells.- Remodelling of the Bone Matrix.- The Origin of Bone Cells in Endochondral Ossification.- RNA Synthesis in Growing Bone.- Histochemical Studies of Chondrocyte Function in the Cartilage of the Mandibular Condyle of the Rat.- Correlation between Morphological, Biochemical, and Biophysical Effects of Parathyroid Hormone on Cell Membranes.- Vitamin D-ascorbic Acid Association in Bone Metabolism.- Lysosomes and Cartilage Resorption in Organ Culture.- Acid Hydrolases, Lysosomes and Bone Resorption Induced by Parathyroid Hormone..- Le forage des canaux de Havers.- Experimental Studies of the Non-inflammatory Vascular Pannus.- Urinary Pyrophosphate in Disorders of Bone Metabolism.- Bone Formation and Resorption in Bone Disorders.- Studies of Iliac Crest Bone from Controls and Patients with Bone Disease by Means of Chemical Analysis, Tetracycline Labelling and Histology.- Session IIResponse of Calcified Tissues to Mechanical FactorsChairman: R. Amprino.- Electro-mechanical Factors Regulating Bone Architecture.- Topographic-quantitative Study of Bone Tissue Formation and Reconstruction in Inert Bones.- Structure and Healing of Bone as a Response to Continuous and Discontinuous Strain and Stress.- Rheological Considerations in the Physical Properties of Bone.- Haemodynamic Data on the Osseous Circulation.- The Influence of Muscle Blood-flow on the Circulation in Bones.- Session IIIMechanisms of Mineralization and Diseases Related to Mineral DepositionChairmen: S. M. Partridge, B. Engfeldt, W. D. Armstrong, J. P. Aubert and H. C. G. Bauer.- A Biomolecular Survey of Calcification.- Bone Mineral Metabolism in the Rat.- Physico-chemical Methods for the Identification of Microcrystalline Basic Calcium Phosphates Prepared in Vitro.- Umwandlungsvorgänge bei Calciumphosphaten.- Some Observations on the Nature of Bone Mineral.- The Osteon Calcification as Revealed by the Electron Microscope.- Collagen and Apatite in Hard Tissues and Pathological Formations from a Crystal Chemical Point of View.- Studies of Calcification in Plants.- Crystallographic Identification of Calcium Deposits as Regards to their Pathological Nature, with Special Reference to Chondrocalcinosis.- Infrastructural and Crystallographic Study of Experimental Calcifications.- Protein Phosphorus and Phosphokinases in Connective Tissue.- The Relationship between Swelling of Hard Tissue Collagen in Acid and Alkali and the Presence of Phosphate Cross-links.- Microradiographic and Histological Observations in Primary Vitamin D-resistant Rickets.- Therapeutic Response and Effect on the Kidney of 100 Units Vitamin D Daily in Osteomalacia after Gastrectomy.- Changes in the Activities of Plasma Acid and Alkaline Phosphatases during Egg Shell Calcification in the Domestic Fowl.- Calcium Exchanges in the Aorta of the Rat.- Estimation of the 24 Hour Exchangeable Calcium Pool in Children Using 48Ca.- Transfert du calcium intestinal chez l'homme dans les maladies déminéralisantes de l'os.- Absorption of Calcium in Man: Effect of Disease, Hormones and Vitamin D.- Therapeutic Results in Renal Tubular Osteomalacia with Special Reference to Calcium Kinetics.- Etude du métabolisme du calcium chez l'homme à l'aide de calcium 45: l'ostéopétrose et l'ostéopsathyrose.- Calcium Clearance and Re-absorption in Patients with Osteoporosis, Renal Stone and Primary Hyperparathyroidism.- Session IVHormones and BoneChairmen: P. Fourman and P. H. Henneman.- Bony Targets of Non-"skeletal" Hormones.- Hormones and Calcium Metabolism.- Mode of Action of Calcitonin.- Of the Influence of Thyroxine, Thiouracil, Cortisone, Estrogen and Testosterone on Endo- chondral Ossification Utilizing Autoradiography.- The Effect of Cortisone and Anabolic Agents on Bone.- Sites and Mode of Action of Growth Hormone.- Intestinal Absorption and Skeletal Dynamic of Calcium in Acromegaly.- Session VFundamental Structure of Hard Dental TissuesChairman: H. J. J. Blackwood.- Ultrastructure of Human Dentin.- Preliminary Studies of the Ultracentrifugal and Free Zone Electrophoresis Characteristics of Neutral Soluble Proteins of Bovine Embryo Enamel.- The Development of Enamel Structure in Mammals.


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Anmerkungen zur Auflage Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1966
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